Organize the communication chaos by introducing one source of information.

Thanks to Guider, you will put all documents, tasks and all communication in one place, reducing the time needed to transfer and find information. Save up to 30% of your and your employees’ time.

Who is Guider for?

For investors

Monitor the course of the investment in one place thanks to the generated reports. Inform subcontractors about planned changes to the project.

For contractors

You will find all communication and documentation in one place, thus avoiding costly mistakes. Conveniently manage the workflow between projects and monitor the implementation of tasks among employees.

“Guider changed my business”

“Thanks to Guider, we were able to speed up the process by 30%, and the possibility of automatically generating reports every day was appreciated by the investor, who could verify the progress on an ongoing basis.”

Mariusz GrzebieĊ„

Guider’s user

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List of steps to start using the Guider

Receive a report from the construction site on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer and verify the progress at each stage of work. Using Guider is a simple matter.

Fast communication

Guider focuses on simplifying and accelerating communication between everyone involved in the construction process. A shared communication service will avoid mistakes and easily find the most up-to-date information.

Convenient documentation

Share construction-related files, mark the tasks needed to complete in planning files, and collaborate with other contractors in a convenient way.

Efficient reporting

Forget about writing your daily construction raports slowly. Based on the files entered and updates from employees, Guider will generate a report on its own and make it available to all interested parties.